"Old Friends, New Fish"

"Old Friends, New Fish" is done. I thought I might never say that. And, it's making the rounds in the Fly Fishing Film Tour- tickets for your local show here - and, in the Costa Slam Film event!

Photo: Arian Stevens

Photo: Arian Stevens

Hopefully, When I have a bit more time, I'll write about the experience of making a film and how exhausting/frustrating/exciting/rewarding/confusing/expensive/amazing it is. And also how grateful I am for the opportunity to make a film not only with a message I think is important, but in a beautiful place, with beautiful people, and amazing community support.

Until then, here's some newsy buzz about the film & back story:

Trout Unlimited Blog

The Spokesman-Review Outdoors

Trouts Fly Fishing Blog

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

& The trailer:


Photo Ben Hoiness

For the wild in me,

For the wild in you,

And the wild places we travel to.


For snowy mountains high,

And desert valleys low,

For the sweet gift of freedom, to get up and go.


For friends who inspire,

For friends who bring wine,

Who are simply willing to listen all the time.


For time on the road,

For the in-between places,

For coming back home to familiar faces.


For coffee, and coffee

And coffee some more,

Coffee is how I get out the door. 


For movers and shakers,

Those who make the world better,

For the way they inspire my inner go-getter.


For the food that we eat,

out there and at home,

may we always have the best snacks where we roam.


For music and art,

For films and books,

For the makers, creators, and obviously - cooks.


For my dog and your dog,

and doggies wherever,

I need you, I’ll pet you, I love you forever.


For high-fives and hugs,

fits of laugh-til-you-cry,

The magic we live for, the things you can’t buy.


For sunshine and smiles,

and meeting for beers,

For gathering friends and big cheerful cheers.


For challenges faced,

By choice or by chance,

For learning it’s all part of some big weird dance.


Thankful for weather,

For wildflowers and dreams,

And the things that remind us it’s not all as it seems.


For raging river rapids,

and the calm parts too,

The places I most like sharing with you.


For deep blower pow days,

and silent sparkle snow,

For those free-falling moments, completely in the flow.


For fluffys and puffys,

and a big cozy sweater,

And fireside snuggles, that make the cold better.


For times when we suffer,

working hard day and night,

Learning sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not right.


For slow travel on rivers,

shits in pretty locations,

and folks that will humor you on their vacations.


For all you great souls,

sending love near and far,

Let's please not forget how lucky we are.


So this is for you,

For you, you, and you,

And you over there, and yep, even you too.


I’m a little embarrassed

that I made this rhyme,

But to write more profoundly would have taken more time.


And also I hope,

it’s a little bit funny,

Fun is important, I'd say more so than money.


Tomorrow I hope

we power off our devices

To be present with loved ones, and some extra pie slices.


Thankful you read this,

I am no wordsmith,

Thankful this is the last time I google “rhymes with…”