how can we tell your story?

I shoot photos and video for individuals, brands and non-profits. I think the power of storytelling is infinite, and creativity flows best with some fresh air and laughs. I like projects that have an environmentally and/or socially conscious spin, big or small, and believe that change starts with awareness. Whether you’re seeking a fresh new set of portraits or your brand has a story you’ve been itching to tell, I can help. What do you want to say?


quick portraits

You want your profile photo to reflect the confident professional you are. You want to scroll through your company’s staff page and not think, “ugh.” You don’t want it to feel stuffy, forced or cookie-cutter. Maybe you just started a business or need more content for Instagram of you in your element, a more candid style Environmental Portrait - you making the think you make, doing the thing you do. You want your marketing to feel like an honest peek ‘behind the scenes’ and show the YOU behind your work. Just you doin’ you!

It might be who I am, or my photo-journalism training, but I prefer the real, less-posed, natural light, in-between moments. I think that’s the where storytelling happens. The good stuff.


Cost: $150

You Get: 1 hour shoot & 1 hour edit / 5 Images delivered within 1 week in Color and B&W

A good deal for: Headshots, Environmental Portraits, an (adorable or very serious) photo of your (perfect) dog.

The Fine Print: 1 location, your choice, 10 minutes or less from Wilson or Jackson, WY. Outdoor prefferred, Indoor ok with *real nice* natural light. Please limit to 1 person or 1 dog, or 1 person and 1 dog. Inquire about couples. No weather rain-checks, 24 hour cancellation, please.

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30-sec Video for social

Video content is all the rage these days and you, or your business, should have it. Maybe you’re looking for a time-lapse or stop-motion video in your studio, a new product intro, a big announcement, or a fun little ad.

Do you, or your mom’s best friend’s clothing boutique need something like this?


Cost: $300

You Get: 1 hour shoot (including set-up,) 3 hours of editing time, and 2 rounds of feedback.

The Fine Print: 1 location your choice, 10 minutes or less from Wilson or Jackson, WY, outdoor or indoor, client provides a clear vision and/or script if applicable and pays any additional costs (music, models, props, etc.,) no weather rain-checks & 24 hour cancellation. Excited to hear your ideas!


Commercial work

I’m a filmmaker and photographer who creates visual content, like short films and photo stories, for businesses that wish to grow their brand as socially and environmentally conscious. Many companies want to reach their audience for more than the service they provide or the product they sell and I help them tell stories that are relevant to their brand, reach more people, and make a positive impact in their communities, towns and the world at large.

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Video Editing

You already have all the footage you need, or a plan to get it. You know what you want your final video to look like… or maybe not. Shoot me a message and we can talk about your vision, timeline & budget to make it happen.