All Photos by  Leslie Hittmeier

All Photos by Leslie Hittmeier

Hi. I'm sophie. 

I'm inspired by mountains, rivers, wildflowers, rocks, & wild humans wandering out there. I'm driven by curiosity. I am a storyteller, or rather, a facilitator in letting stories tell themselves. In whichever medium the tale is told, the goal remains the same:

To share stories of people doing whatever makes them feel alive.

I am a photographer, videographer, film editor, filmmaker, casual writer, occasional graphic designer, skier, river-rafter, trail-runner, road-trip enthusiast... & most anything else I get the opportunity to say YES to. 

I thrive when creating. I am the most alive in the overwhelming splash of a perfect wave, in the deepest fluffiest pow turn, laughing to tears with friends, & amidst the wildest story. 

I have a BA in Photojournalism with a minor in Spanish from the University of Montana.

That was a lot of I's. How can I help YOU tell your story? Let's Talk