The Quiet Force

The Quiet Force is a documentary film project, 2 years in the making, about the Latino workforce in American mountain towns.

In many American ski towns, the tourism and services economies would grind to a halt without their Latino populations. In a place like Jackson, Wyoming, the Latino community is a mix of documented immigrants and undocumented workers - many of whom are facing increasing risk of deportation under the current Presidential Administration, often resulting in family separation.

Members of the Latino community ski alongside us, live next door, and participate in the same kids programs and school classes. They build homes and hotels, landscape, paint, clean sheets and towels, stock groceries, and cook in the restaurants we frequent. They keep the machine humming. Yet, we barely notice them.

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Run for 3.21

A short shoot & edit for Never Not Collective & NDSS.

Old Friends, New Fish

"Old Friends, New Fish" was my first solo film project. It was featured in the 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour. More about the project here.

Spin-off of “Old Friends, New Fish” 30-second commercial spot for Alpine Physical Therapy.